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Painfree® Extreme Lidocaine 14.5% is a cutting-edge cream, recognized as the market’s strongest and most effective anesthetic cream. Renowned for its high quality and gentle properties, our Painfree cream has earned widespread acclaim. Today, it comes highly recommended by thousands of tattoo artists for use before procedures to minimize pain. Investing in Painfree creams before your next treatment is a smart choice for a more comfortable experience.

Detailed Information Description

Painfree® Extreme

Content: 30g

Experience the comfort of Painfree Extreme, a skin anesthetic cream designed for tattoos, piercings, and various cosmetic procedures. This water-based cream, effective for 4-6 hours, is gentle on your skin, making it ideal for pain relief during treatments such as tattooing, permanent makeup, and laser treatments. Apply the cream approximately 45-60 minutes before your procedure for an effective anesthesia experience in the targeted area, allowing you to undergo treatments without the usual discomfort associated with needles and guns.

Painfree Extreme is not a new, untested product; the laboratory behind it has been crafting similar creams for over 12 years for various European brands. With its unique and effective formula, Painfree Extreme ensures a painless treatment, developed and manufactured by seasoned professionals.

*How Painfree Extreme Works:*

Painfree Extreme works by temporarily numbing nerves, preventing pain signals from reaching the brain. This simple yet effective cream offers an alternative to local anesthesia injections, allowing for a hassle-free application in the comfort of your home. Use it only on clean and undamaged skin, checking for potential allergies to active ingredients.

*Recommended Usage:*

Each tube provides sufficient cream for a small tattoo or a simple laser treatment. For larger areas, ensure an ample supply of Painfree Extreme to avoid any unexpected discomfort during your procedure. Always follow the instructions provided on the label, applying enough cream and covering it with film to prevent drying.

*Economical Choice:*

Save significantly on numbing creams by purchasing multiple tubes, especially if you plan on undergoing multiple sessions or treatments. Painfree Extreme prides itself on being an extremely economical anesthetic cream.

Make your next tattoo or laser treatment painless with Painfree Extreme!

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