If you are independent tattoo parlor, a beauty clinic or perhaps a laser clinic, then you have definitely experienced customers who are afraid of the pain and who are looking for and way to prevent it. You can now offer them numbing cream that makes the treatment far less painful. As a dealer of Painfree, you become part of the family and this gives you access to a number of benefits. You can buy and sell painless at a fair price. Since you are visiting our website you probably already know, painfree cream is the perfect product for pain relief for tattoos, permanent make-up and laser treatment. In addition, it is a product that is sold at a fair price and is extremely competitive.

Get pain free cream at an extremely affordable price

When you become a retailer of Painfree, you get the opportunity to buy Painfree cream at a very favorable price. Most of our dealers have found our cream to be attractive enough to dig deeper and eventually find that selling it is very easy. This could be the same option for your salon or tattoo shop. Being able to offer customers and clients the best in painless treatments is worth its weight in gold. It does not matter if you are a tattoo artist or remove tattoos and hair using a laser. Painfree will promise reoccuring clients and effective pain relief to last your customers a whole session.As you can see in our webshop, you can buy packages with up to 50 tubes, if you want more, you can contact us and get a good offer. Our anesthetic cream is recommended by Spas and tattoo artists all over the country and you can be sure it is a sensible investment for your business.

Good profits with Painfree

Painfree is so effective and can provide painless cosmetic treatments with equal returns on investments. There are many Torontonians who want to use it. This gives you a golden opportunity to increase your revenue when you become a reseller. It is not something that requires storage on your part, because the cream almost sells itself once the first customer has tried it. There is a general assumption that no solutions exist for the pain associated with tattoos and laser treatments, so if you can offer a nervous customer a treatment that becomes pain free, then it is definitely something that many others will take advantage of. So become a retailer of painless numbing cream and see how you can calm new clients into further sessions. With over 12 years of experience with analgesic creams, you can be sure that when you become a reseller of a product that really works, it is something your customers will appreciate as well.

Lightning fast delivery

We always have plenty of Painfree in stock within North America, so you can always order just in time, when you need it. If you have any questions about painless and about becoming a local dealer, you are always welcome to contact us. Our customer service puts a great effort in serving you right away.

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